Finance Department

The Department of Finance consists of three divisions as follows:

Treasury – Monica Charran, Treasurer
Sharon Dominguez, Accounts Payable

Revenue/Tax Collection 
William Connolly, Senior Cashier

Property Assessment – John Peneda, Tax Assessor

The Division of Treasury also includes Payroll, headed by Diane Turowski, and Purchasing, headed by Shuaib Firozvi.

The head of the Division of Revenue Collection is the Tax Collector, Shuaib Firozvi.

The head of the Division of Property Assessment is the Tax Assessor, John Peneda.

While each division of the Department of Finance is a distinct entity, they operate collectively as one department to ensure accountability of tax dollars, revenues, payroll and expenditures.

The Division of Treasury, including Payroll and Purchasing, is responsible for many of the daily operating functions of the municipality. Computerized payroll, budget preparation, account reconciliation, accounts payable, maintenance of monthly budget controls and other related accounting procedures are a few of the functions performed by this Division.