Public Works

The Department of Public Works provides essential services to the 41,000 residents of Kearny.

Overall, responsibilities of the DPW include the maintenance of :

  • 48 miles of paved roads including:
  • Street sweeping
  • Snow plowing and ice control
  • Traffic line painting
  • Traffic sign and street name sign maintenance
  • 3 sanitary water pump stations
  • 4 storm water pump stations
  • 6,000+ feet of drainage ditches
  • 3 tide gates on the Passaic River
  • 1,000+ catch basins and manholes
  • Municipal Recycling Drop-Off Center
  • Building maintenance at all municipal buildings
  • 2,000+ trees planted on municipal right of ways and municipal parks
  • 90 miles of sewers
Attention residents
  • Latex paints will no longer be accepted during the household hazardous cleanout. You must dry out the cans with cat litter until the paint is fully absorbed and in a solid state which then can be disposed of in regular garbage.
  • Alkaline batteries can now be thrown out in regular garbage as they no longer contain lead.
  • Rechargeable batteries will still be accepted during the household hazardous cleanout, however you must put tape over the contacts on the batteries as they can explode and cause a fire.
  • All mattresses or box springs put out for garbage collection must be wrapped in plastic. 

Maintenance and repair of 100+ vehicles and pieces of equipment


Kevin Murphy

Support Info & Address: 

Public Works Principle Manager


Public Works
357 Bergen Ave.
Kearny, NJ 07032