Kearny Holds Groundbreaking Ceremony for Off-Leash Dog Park

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Kearny Holds Groundbreaking Ceremony for Off-Leash Dog Park

Kearny, NJ – On Tuesday, December 15, 2015, Mayor Alberto G. Santos and Council Members Carol Jean Doyle, Susan McCurrie, Eileen Eckel, Albino Cardoso and Marytrine De Castro joined many Kearny dog enthusiasts at a groundbreaking for an off-leash dog park.  The ceremony took place at the site of the future dog park, approximately 400 feet south of the South Midland Avenue and Passaic Avenue intersection, adjacent to the Kearny Community Garden. 


The dog park will be just over 200 feet long and vary between 87 feet and 81 feet in width at the opposing ends.  It will be 16,950 square feet in total area, with a small dog area of 6,430 square feet and a large dog area of 10,520 square feet.  The park is designed to enable individuals to be fully interactive with their dogs in the center of the park. 


Each off-leash area will have a concrete walkway with bench seating area and a water fountain.  The surface material of the dog park will be Eastern Walking Trail Mix, which is comprised of 3/16-inch crushed granite screenings, and will be laid to a nominal thickness of 4 inches.  Mature trees around the perimeter of the park will be preserved and new shade trees will also be planted to augment shaded areas. 


In addition, each off-leash area will have a 3-gate system for entry and exit.  The first gate provides access from outside the park into a small entry area.  From there a second gate allows access into the park.  A third gate is used for exiting the off-leash area.  This provides safe entry and exit by multiple dogs at one time. 


The park’s design and features were the result of a team effort that incorporated residents’ suggestions, research by Department of Pubic Work Parks staff and Neglia Engineering, and coordination with local area dog-enthusiast groups.    


The Mayor and Council awarded a construction contract for the project to Reivax Contracting Corp. in the amount of $300,303.00.  Approximately half of the cost will be funded through the Hudson County Open Space Trust Fund.  The expected completion date for the project is May 2016.


Below is a color rendering of the dog park as well as photos taken by Barbara Goldberg at the groundbreaking ceremony.