Kearny Enterprise Zone Development Corporation (KEZDC)

The Kearny Enterprise Zone Development Corporation (KEZDC) was established to administer the programs and projects of the Urban Enterprise Zone initiative. It is also charged with developing a viable Redevelopment Plan for the Zone. The mission of the KEZDC is to increase employment opportunities, encourage capital investment, stimulate economic zone development and foster a climate of stability and growth in the business community. Their efforts increase the Town's Tax Base, thereby, decreasing the burden placed on the property taxpayer.

Project Listings

The Uplands

  • The downtown Kearny Avenue Streetscape and Streetscape Extension Projects - $6,592,520
  • The Kearny Avenue Repaving Project - $4,091,370
  • The Comprehensive Kearny Avenue Parking Study - $12,900
  • $998,618 in KUEZ funds toward the $3.6 million Bergen Avenue Extension Project

South Kearny Budget

  • Design and Reconstruction of the following roadways: Central, South Hackensack, Jacobus, and North Hackensack Avenues -- $4,474,716
  • The installation of a Security Surveillance Camera Network totaling $155,810
  • Sellers Street Roadway Reconstruction -- $2,079,140

Acquisition of the following:

  • Five Sidewalk Sweepers, One Skid-Steer Loader, Clean Project -- including laborer -- $542,897
  • Three Senior Citizen Shopping Shuttles -- including driver -- $221,615
  • Two Fire Engines -- Custom Pumpers, Vehicles for Fire Inspectors and upgrading the Kearny Fire Department's Communication System -- $682,247
  • Purchase of Six Police Patrol Vehicles, equipment and addition of KUEZ Police Officers -- $896,697

Additional Funding

  • Contribution to the Harrison Avenue Sewer Installation and Pump Station -- $196,088
  • Business Development Loan Programs totaling -- $2,187,296
  • Economic Stimulus -- Micro Loan Program -- $107,500
  • Infrastructure maintenance equipment totaling -- $28,042
  • Marketing, Public Relations and Advertising support for members -- $1,455,871
  • Schuyler Avenue Industrial Area Flooding Relief Analysis and Study totaling -- $53,120
  • Schuyler Avenue Parking lot -- $62,612
  • Strategic Redevelopment Plan -- $320,205
  • The addition of KUEZ Police Officers totaling $577,521.